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Game in development - Scheduled for release end 2024/begin 2025

Play as Tulock, a snow fox, and help him progress through the different levels of this puzzle game based on movement on a hexagonal grid.

Slide in a straight line to an obstacle or the edge across 100 levels and find the right path to the final square, avoiding the traps.

Discover new mechanics in the various worlds of increasing difficulty without fear of getting stuck, thanks to the help included in the game.

And for those wanting extra difficulty, over 250 optional challenges spread across the levels are present.

- 100 levels spread over 12 worlds,
- hexagonal grid requiring different thinking,
- 10 mechanics added as the game progresses,
- increasing difficulty, with in-game help included (solutions),
- ability to undo moves if you make a mistake,
- more than 250 optional challenges spread over 100 levels.
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